High-tech PROFIBUS Line Analysis

No more nerve-racking and expensive search for installation errors in PROFIBUS segments!

NetTest II represents the 2nd generation of hand-held PROFIBUS test tools developed by COMSOFT. It provides an immediate, extensive report, revealing errors of installation and fitting in PROFIBUS segments.

NetTest II s field of application is not restricted to diagnostics in running systems. One of the main purposes of NetTest II is to allow the installer to check - directly after the installation - whether he has made any installation errors. Therefore, sporadic errors caused by incorrect bus physics can be excluded from the very beginning.

NetTest II gives information on: short circuit, cable rupture or broken shield, mixed up cables, wrong number of terminations, not powered terminations, not terminated cables, tap lines, cable length, line impedance, inhomogeneous cables in the segment, PROFIBUS baud rate, PROFIBUS live list, participant selective RS485 signal level, reflections with peak-peak value detection.

NetTest II is equipped with a data memory for storage of up to 20 detailed test reports in ASCII format according to the installation guideline of the PNO (PROFIBUS User Organization). If necessary, these can be printed out via a COTS PC.

NetTest II is operated via a 6 x 4keyboard and a fully graphical 128 x 64 Pixel LCD-Display with background illumination. The user is menu-guided through the different tests. But it is also possible to select a certain test directly.

Mono-Master Function

Another highlight is the optional DP-Mono-Master function of NetTest II. The I/O Data of the connected Slaves can be visualised and modified without the use of the provided PLC. This facilitates a most efficient control of the connected sensors/actuators. The time consuming tests of functionality by use of PLC can be omitted.

Further features are the detailed display of incoming diagnosis messages and the well-aimed execution of specific PROFIBUS Services.

Online Function

Since the traffic on a PROFIBUS line must by no means be interrupted, active/ongoing measuring methods on a continuously running unit are not an option for the detection of installation problems on PROFIBUS lines. In order to meet these requirements, the NetTest II was enhanced with new and very efficient online measurement methods providing precise information about existing installation problems even on a running PROFIBUS network.

The NetTest II in this case runs in a completely passive monitoring mode and performs a detailed analysis of the data traffic as well as the physical state of the PROFIBUS line.

NetTest II comes with the following Online functionalities: Live List, measurement of the signal quality of each DP Slave, rotation time of the whole DP Network, analysis of data traffic between DP Master and DP Slave, triggering upon communication status changes.

Simply high-tech in hand-held format!




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